Lorraine Cates PhD
Contemporary Psychoanalyst Consultant Educator

Lorraine Cates, PhD

Emotional Knowledge expresses the unity of experience combining feeling and thinking

Bodily Emotional Experience

The famous American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright was quoted as saying, "an expert is one who has stopped thinking, he knows." Knowing, in this context, stems from bodily emotional experience. It provides us with the words we need to express the experience of unity between feeling and thinking. I can help you express those words and find closure to the unresolved problems that interfere with a better life.

My Working Perspective

I approach my work from a humanistic perspective, which "encourages personal growth, self-actualization and the pursuit of authenticity." I focus on bodily emotional experience, because, to me, "the body never lies." It provides a roadmap to what we need to know to live, love and work authentically. My perspective is based on the belief that we are "struggling human beings" not "diseases." As a psychotherapeutic practitioner and coach, I am an active collaborator to help you bring out your strengths while understanding the behavioral patterns that interfere with personal and professional growth. Although I incorporate other modalities (such as mindfulness) to a basic psychodynamic orientation for working through work-related and human problems such as depression, anxiety, and relationship issues, an emphasis is on capturing the words the body already knows.

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